Scarifiers are the right type of equipment for removing resilient or flexible flooring material where mechanical abrasion is required. The method is siimple but effective and utilises a rotating drum onto which a variety of different cutters are loosely fitted on to lateral shafts.

Cutters are separated by spacers; by selecting the ideal format of spacers and cutters, an even cutting action can be achieved, the rotating drum generates centrifugal force which 'throws' the cutter at the surface to be treated, causing a mechanical cutting action.

Floor Surface Prep has a wide range of cutters, from multi-pointed flails made from steel with tungsten tips, to solid tungsten milling cutters which are particularly effective on thicker flexible surfaces. Scarifying is frequently used for:

  • Etching, cleaning, paint removal on almost any surface
  • Removal of glues, rubber and more difficult coatings
  • Ideal for road marking removal
  • Levelling of uneven surfaces
  • Deep and precise miling of concrete, resin, asphalt etc

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