Sports hall refurbishment at Middlewich High School in Cheshire


Floor Surface Preparation took a three man team to a school in Cheshire to complete a seven day mechanical preparation project. The team had the task of removing the old pulastic coating from the sports hall at Middlewich High School which specialises in maths, computing and science, and has stood in the heart of Cheshire since 1906. Pulastic coatings are specially designed sports surfaces and are composed of a granular sheet rubber base with a self-levelling, liquid applied, polyurethane top layer.

FSP used the Blastrac BS110, a self-propelled floor stripper, to remove the existing pulastic coating. These machines are designed for indoor and outdoor medium sized renovation jobs, making it the ideal machine to start the floor preparation process at Middlewich. Once the existing coating had been successfully removed, FSP operatives used the Blastrac BMP 335-EHY to complete scabbling works. These are specialist machines driven by compressed air, aimed at reducing levels in concrete slabs or stubborn toppings, using a rotating and hammer action to the concrete floor surface.

The final stages of the process involved using the Blastrac DMP335E for the completion of diamond grinding works to remove old latex and ensuring a cleaned and keyed surface was present. Floor Surface Preparation then installed a liquid damp proof membrane in preparation for the new sports hall floor, successfully installed by Sports Surfaces UK Ltd. Floor Surface Preparation and Sports Surfaces UK worked in partnership to ensure that Middlewich High School were left with a brand new and safe sports environment for their pupils.

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