polished concrete

Polished Concrete

Decorative floors are a new and fast developing market trend. Concrete and asphalt are no longer considered as sole supports, they become part of the decoration itself.

Depending on how deep the surface is polished, and how much of the aggregate is exposed, our grinding machines will allow a variety of finished surfaces to be produced from a concrete surface. The polished surface has all the advantages of a hard, durable concrete or asphalt floor combined with multiple aesthetic variations at an economical cost.

  • Depending on the desired finish, the surface can be either left raw or coated with varnish, resin or wax
  • Concrete surfaces are ideal for colouring
  • Excellent resistance to wear even in heavily trafficked areas
  • Durable surface able to withstand warm and frost temperature conditions
  • Easy to clean and maintain

Concrete and asphalt floors can be used for indoor purposes (depending on the final use of the premises), stores, shopping centres, factories, stations and airport halls and also for outdoor areas such as squares and walkways. High polished decorative concrete and asphalt surfaces can even be used in high hygiene areas such as food, drug and medical premises.

Multiple Results

Flat Polished Concrete

Depending on the concrete basic colour, the size, texture, hardness and depth of aggregates, using a few different grinding steps, creates a perfectly shiny coloured surface, with a surface appearance similar to marble.

Concrete With Exposed Aggregates

This technique exposes the upper surface of the concrete slab, in order to let the aggregates show up and to get an irregular, natural, authentic stone looking floor.

Polished Asphalt

This variation is ideal when you need very tough and aesthetic floors inside or outside. The final result is that stones slightly show up on the surface transforming inexpensive asphalt into a high value appearance floor finish.

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Polished Concrete


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