Steel Shot Blasting

Steel Shot Blasting Method for Typical Applications

The method of shotblasting involves steel abrasive (shot) being propelled at high velocity onto a rotating wheel within the machine body, and then down onto the designated surface to produce the desired profile. Surfaces suitable for shotblasting include any hard composition surface that does not exhibit multiple layers of materials or contaminants and asphalt surfaces although with all bitumous compounds, heat and size of the area must be considered.

Steel Shot Blasting Uses

  • Texture and clean concrete, asphalt or tiled surfaces
  • Level uneven surfaces and up to 1/4" concrete removal
  • Mastic Removal Texturing
  • Epoxy Removal
  • Sealer Removal
  • Profiling and etching concrete to create adhesion for the application of a wide range of surface finishes
  • Membrane, elastomeric and rubber removal
  • Steel deck cleaning
  • Parking deck membrane removal
  • Key bridge decks and roads for surface dressing and waterproof systems

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