Single Head Grinding

Single head grinding easily gets rid of sticky bituminoid or neoprene glues on almost any surface. Our Blastrac grinding and polishing machines are ideal to remove thick mortar layers, clean soft and semi soft flooring materials. Equipped with tungsten carbide tips and connected to a dust collector with filtration, these machines are perfect on soft floors since working depth can be precisely adjusted. Grinding techniques are usually used in confined spaces or where it is important that the preparation machinery causes little vibration.

Grinding is predominately used for:

  • Removing carpet residue, screed, adhesive, bitumen, vinyl tiles and just about any other stubborn nasties clogging up the surface
  • Ideal for levelling any uneven surface without having to remove too much material
  • Surface preparation before painting
  • Removal of old paints / coatings / glues
  • Allows you to reduce the amount of coating required (paint or resin) for your new floor
  • Working in confined areas, corners and edges

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