Triple Head Grinding

We only use Blastracs triple head grinders which are equipped with a patented planetary grinding system. This planetary grinding system is the most solid grinding principle on the market.
All Blastrac triple head grinders are equipped with three grinding plates, this ensures that the grinding head will always follow the floor and gives the best possible result. All triple head grinders are suitable for the DIAMAG quick release system.

Blastrac triple head grinders have a proven reputation for quality of work produced on industrial, decorative flooring, also decontamination and demolition markets.

  • Grinding technique through diamond discs: does not generate any vibration
  • Ideal for leveling any uneven surface without having to remove too much material
  • Surface preparation before painting
  • Removal of old paints / coatings / glues
  • Allows reduction in the amount of coating required (paint or resin) for your new floor
  • Can work in confined areas, corners and edges

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Triple Head Grinding


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